I don't always Blog, but when I do...

..its usually born of a great passion!
It has now been over 6 years since I started taking the Vemma products and I am personally convinced that it has played a huge role in promoting good health by giving me the nutrition it needs on a daily basis.
Over the years I have seen products come and go, boasting one benefit or another but failing to deliver the premium products that Vemma offers. To be clear, as a dietary supplement, Vemma cannot diagnose treat or cure any disease, illness or condition, but it does come packed with plant sourced premium Vitamins and Minerals along with aloe.
I am so excited to have new friends who are enjoying the products for nutrition, , and have embraced the affiliate prog*** by sharing Vemma with their friends. I would be honored to tell you more!


Im back!

Well the truth is I never went anywhere but it has been a while since i posted here!
I am so excited to be on the Vemma team. For 2 years now I have been taking Vemma and have never felt better. My whole family enjoys Vemma, Verve, Vemma Next, and Vemma thirst, but there is more to the benefits than just good health.
Of course it is a great business opportunity as well but today I am particularly excited about the positive things that Vemma has made available to its brand partners like me. Success Club has really become more important to me every day as I listen to successful people talk about how they got there. i have made a commitment to myself to stay away from negative people and to limit my diet of news programs that spin gloom and doom all day long. I would look forward to sharing what I know and more importantly introducing you to the things that are making a difference in my life. I wish you peace and much success!!


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